• Carbon Microfiber Cloth


      The 300 gr/m2 premium microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning and polishing sneakers. The cloth is extremely soft, absorbent, quick dry. Therefore, the cloth is perfect to wipe excess liquids of the sneaker. The cloth is suitable for the laundry machine (without softener).

    • Carbon Sneaker Care


      SNEAKER CARE provides the leather with valuable humidity. Suitable for smooth leather, suede and nubuck as well as mesh/leather combinations. Solvent-free. Without propellant gas. More than 90% natural ingredients for a special care.

      Size: 100 ml

    • Carbon Cleaning Brush


      The handy cleaning brush offers dry and wet fabric cleaning as well as gentle cleaning for all types of leather and other fabrics. Also the perfect brush for cleaning the midsoles with the midsole cleaner.

    • Carbon Midsole Cleaner


      The ideal formula for cleaning midsoles. It has a thick substance specially designed for sneaker outsoles, which makes it easy and fast to use.

      Size: 100 ml

    • Carbon Suede Nubuck Cleaner


      For the in between cleans or to remove stains on suede and nubuck and to erase lighter smudges you use the  Carbon Nubuck & Suede Cleaner. The Carbon Nubuck & Suede cleaner has to sides; a rubber side and a crepe side. Whenever you rub the crepe on the to-clean material, it will become warm and changes into a great cleaner!

    • Carbon SPOT Cleaner


      For the in between cleans or to remove stains on suede and nubuck, you use the Collonil Spot Cleaner. Somewhat heavier stains can be removed by using the Carbon Spot Cleaner. The SPOT cleaner renews itself during the cleans.

    • Carbon Odor Cleaner


      ODOR CLEANER Instant pleasant and fresh fragrance. Ideal for application throughout the day. Removes odours such as smoke, sweat, kitchen odors or similar.

      Size: 125 ml

    • Carbon Cleaning solution


      Carbon CLEANING SOLUTION the ideal ready-to-use formula for cleaning any sneaker material. This solution is aerosol free and compact in size, convenient for traveling.

    • Carbon Protection Spray Aerosol Free


      This is a high performance protecting spray for all kinds of sneaker materials. This solution is compact in size and aerosol free, which makes it convenient for taking with you while traveling.

    • Carbon Premium Brush


      The Premium cleaning brush is the perfect fit for all (sensitive) materials like suède, nubuck and even mesh materials. The brush has a nice grip. Works perfectly in combination with the Carbon Cleaning Foam or the Carbon Cleaning solution.

    • Carbon Cleaning Foam


      Ready-to-use foam with high cleaning power. Quick and easy to apply on all materials.

      Size: 125 ml

    • Carbon Midsole Sealer


      The Carbon Midsole Sealer protects all midsoles from water and dirt and prevents UV-radiation from discolouring the midsoles.

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