• Carbon Sneaker Care

      SNEAKER CARE provides the leather with valuable humidity. Suitable for smooth leather, suede and nubuck as well as mesh/leather combinations. Solvent-free. Without propellant gas. More than 90% natural ingredients for a special care.

      Size: 100 ml

    • Carbon SPOT Cleaner

      For the in between cleans or to remove stains on suede and nubuck, you use the Collonil Spot Cleaner. Somewhat heavier stains can be removed by using the Carbon Spot Cleaner. The SPOT cleaner renews itself during the cleans.

    • Carbon Suede Nubuck Cleaner

      For the in between cleans or to remove stains on suede and nubuck and to erase lighter smudges you use theΒ  Carbon Nubuck & Suede Cleaner. The Carbon Nubuck & Suede cleaner has to sides; a rubber side and a crepe side. Whenever you rub the crepe on the to-clean material, it will become warm and changes into a great cleaner!

    • Carbon Travel Kit

      The Carbon Lab Travelkit has everything to protect, to care for and to clean your sneakers. With the travelkit you have everything together in a transparant case. The 100 ml products are aerosol free and are safe to take with you while traveling.

      This kit includes:
      – Carbon Lab Protecting Spray AF
      – Carbon Lab Sneaker Care
      – Carbon Lab Cleaning Solution
      – Carbon Premium Microfiber cloth
      – Free Carbon Premium cleaning brush (€9,99)

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