Carbon Midsole Kit

Your midsoles hit the roads, bump into things and discolor the quickest (Yes, UV-radiation, we look at you;)). A spotless midsole makes your sneaker look brand new! The Carbon Midsole kit includes all the essentials you need. The  Carbon Midsole Sealer is Collonil’s answer to protecting your midsoles against UV-radiation, water and dirt. Dirt can’t adhere to your midsole and water won’t penetrate into the material. Did your midsoles get dirty? No worries we’ll have a solution for you;) You want something that is easy and quick to use for your dirty midsole? Then the Carbon Lab Midsole Cleaner is your solution. First of all, seek for the cleanest dry cloth you have – maybe the Premium Microfiber Cloth from Collonil? If not, ask your mom for one. Then apply the midsole cleaner to the cloth, use the best circular and cleaning movements you have and you will immediately see the that the dirt will dissolve from the midsole. If any leftovers from the midsole cleaner shows up, use the same cloth to remove it. Your midsole is now ready, but we still have stuff to do