Carbon Cleaning Kit

All your cleaning essentials in one transparent kit! The Carbon Cleaning Kit includes the Carbon Lab Foam, so you can clean all of your sneakers and the sneaker midsoles.

The cleaning kit includes:
– Carbon Lab Midsole Cleaner
– Carbon Lab Cleaning Foam
– Carbon Premium Microvezeldoek
– en een gratis Carbon Premium cleaning brush t.w.v. €9,99 (winkelverkoopprijs).


Many stains can be avoided by using waterproofing spray and brushes. For all others, our specialist products are at hand.

Proper waterproofing is still the best way to keep your sneakers clean. It prevents dirt from entering the shoe and ensures that it remains on the surface, from where it can be easily wiped away. Another tip from the sneaker pros is to brush your favourite shoes regularly. This removes loose everyday dirt before it can combine with moisture to become a serious threat. Even if you follow this advice faithfully, your sneakers are still at risk of developing stubborn stains in all kinds of situations. But never fear! Our CARBON series includes two more specialist products. When dry cleaning with a brush or sponge can do no more, our CARBON CLEANING FOAM comes to the rescue. The foam penetrates deep into leather and textiles to draw dirt out from every pore. You don’t even have to mix the CARBON CLEANING FOAM with water. You simply press a button to apply – even in those hard-to-reach places. As a final touch, simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Your sneakers will look brand new once more.

Can your sneakers use a thorough cleaning? Perfect. We’ll help you out! First it’s important to know the basics to cleaning your sneaker. Prep your sneakers by taking out the laces and wiping off the dirt. Remember to always clean your whole sneaker. Carbon Lab has different products to clean your sneakers surface with. Carbon Lab Cleaning Foam is a rich foam that works the magic! Start with shaking the spray properly, hold it upside down, spray the foam on a brush – maybe the Premium Cleaning Brush from Collonil Carbon Lab – and clean your sneakers carefully. Grab a coffee, a beer or whatever, and wait for 10 minutes until the surface has dried.

You want something that is easy and quick to use for your dirty midsole? Then the Carbon Lab Midsole Cleaner is your solution. First of all, seek for the cleanest dry cloth you have – maybe the Premium Microfiber Cloth from Collonil? If not, ask your mom for one. Then apply the midsole cleaner to the cloth, use the best circular and cleaning movements you have and you will immediately see the that the dirt will dissolve from the midsole. If any leftovers from the midsole cleaner shows up, use the same cloth to remove it.





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